Aapo Kiiso

I'm a software developer at Lamia, a digital consultancy located in Helsinki, Finland. I currently work mainly with the open source Magento ecommerce platform. Alongside work I'm studying for a bachelor's degree in information technology at Aalto University, and hope to graduate in 2021.

Check out my GitHub page for a bunch of small off-time projects!


I write stuff from time to time here. It's a bit of a pain at the moment, since I was clever enough not to use a CMS / static site generator for this website. It is what it is.

Lamia blog

Articles I've written at work.

  1. Time to change your attitude towards legacy code

Building an equatorial mount for a Dobsonian telescope

In this article series, I tried to build a working equatorial mount for a 10" Dobsonian telescope.

  1. Getting started
  2. Slow progress
  3. Gear math
  4. Math and lasers
  5. Grinding gears
  6. Final note


  1. "Shooing away the offline dinosaur from your legacy site" (presented at HelsinkiJS February 2018)
  2. "Estimating overcrowding with the HSL Realtime API" (presented at HelsinkiJS April 2019)

Good stuff

Contact info

You can email me at aapo@kii.so.

I also have a LinkedIn page.