Sweet brownie recipe

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A sweet brownie recipe built from other sweet brownie recipes.

As is tradition with brownies, the result will make you say "no more" after the 2nd bite. It is very fatty and sugary, but oh so good.


Units are based on Finnish customs, and might not be the easiest format just for you. Consider this my little revenge from trying to grabble with cups and butter sticks.

Heat the oven to 180C when you start. You should also find a square-ish 20x20cm baking dish and coat it with parchment paper.

Put some water boiling in a pot, and place your baking pot on top of it so that the steam licks the bottom your baking pot.

Melt the chocolate and butter in the pot placed over the boiling water, make sure to mix it evenly.

Mix the brown sugar with the melted chocolate-butter, again mix it evenly. Move the baking pot away from the steam to cool for a bit (you can stop boiling the water now).

Mixing the brown sugar into the chocolate melt
Mixing the brown sugar into the chocolate melt.

Combine the flour, cocoa powder, vanilla sugar and salt together in a separate pot.

Flour ingredients before mixing
Flour ingredients before mixing.

After the chocolate-melt has cooled close to room temperature, you can add the eggs & yolk to the mix.

Shake the flour mix into the melt, and mix it evenly. It is important you don't over-do this though, as it will make the brownies cake-like. So stop mixing immediately after all white "flour-stripes" have been blended in.

Pour the chocolate chips into the mix.

Pour the brownie mix onto the parched baking dish, and distribute it evenly on the dish.

Brownies about to enter the oven
Brownies about to enter the oven.

Bake the brownies for 25-30 in the oven. You can consider your brownies done when a toothpick placed in the middle of the brownie dish comes out only with a few moist crumbles.

Once baked, let the brownies sit and cool for half an hour before serving. Tastes best with some ice cream or a glass of milk!

Finished brownies
Finished brownies!

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